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It is paramount to me that my clients are satisfied with their wedding video, but also with my conduct. I’m easy going and low key. I like to leave the bossy boots stuff to the photographers. Feedback from clients testifies to my unobtrusive nature. I want my clients and their guests to feel comfortable on their special day, and so I find ways to capture the joy of the day with as little agro as possible!

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You are a true professional. I would highly recommend you to anyone getting married! Our we lady loves the video, watches it over and over again!


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Reasons you really should have a wedding videographer

Ok, so the photographer is booked and you’re now wondering if it is worth going to even more expense to have your wedding day captured on video. Wedding videos and production companies are generally becoming more and more skilled so that the end result is a highly polished professional wedding video (and not the shaky, grainy versions that you are imagining). So here are a few reasons why we think that a wedding video could just be the final piece of your wedding jigsaw :

Capture the wedding day

One thing is certain – your wedding will pass in a flash. All those months of preparation are condensed into just one day, so it’s near impossible to take it all in. Just ask any married couple and they will tell you the same. With a wedding video, you can remind yourself of what happened and start to piece together your day and relive it time and time again.

See the wedding moments you might have missed

There are elements of the day that you just won’t see. For example, the groom won’t see his bride getting ready in the morning, nor will he see her arriving at the venue with her father. The bride won’t have witnessed the wedding nerves of her groom as he waits anxiously for her to turn up for the wedding. A wedding video is the ideal way to capture those elements that you just won’t see first-hand because it’s impossible for you to be there.

Attention to detail on your wedding day

While a photographer can capture some superb images of your wedding day, static images do not always tell the whole story. Video can capture the whole moment, including the mood and atmosphere which may not necessarily come across in a photograph. Most professional wedding videographers use high-definition cameras which capture superb images and are able to document your day in far greater detail than a photographer could.

Hear your wedding day

An obvious advantage of video is that it captures not only the sights, but also the sounds of your wedding day. Not only can you relive the vows and speeches of the day, you will also be reminded of the atmosphere – the laughter, cheers, and maybe even some tears. You can take another look at that first dance and marvel at how in time with the music you are. You might even pick up few audible things you didn’t hear first time round – hopefully all good!

Future generations

Your wedding video is not only a great gift to yourself, but also to future generations in your family. Just think what a joy it would be if you were able to have a video of your grandparents’ wedding, so don’t pass up your opportunity to have a treasure which you can pass to your future children or grandchildren. At the very least it will give them something to laugh at for years to come.

Don’t give a wedding guest responsibility

Ok, so Uncle Dave has a video recorder but are his filming and editing skills really up to scratch? There’s no substitute for a skilled pro who will likely be using some of the best equipment around to capture both the sights and sounds of the day. Having a professional videographer means that everyone else can relax and just concentrate on enjoying themselves.

Take stills from a wedding video

If budget is a big factor in your decision you could always consider going with a videographer but ditching the photographer. High definition recordings can provide great still images, which although may not be quite as good as those taken by a photographer, could still be a good substitute for your wedding album.

Be on the safe side for your wedding

If you are still not sure whether you need to have your wedding filmed, why not take the safe option and just do it? It’s one of the biggest days of your life so better to have a video you can choose not to watch again rather than regretting not having one at all.


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Wedding video service for Northern Ireland specialising in cinematography giving more creativity and drama than traditional videography.