How I work

I aim to create fast paced, emotional and beautiful films. A clip of guests sharing a giggle – brilliant! A clip of your uncle looking very serious – that might not make the cut. I’m not interested in standing at the sidelines capturing the mundane, I work my butt off all day – always striving to capture the best elements of your big day!  I look for the joy and excitement and (sometimes tears) – and it pulls together so much better in a short film rather than a 2hr DVD.

I’m happy to work solo – it’s what I’ve always done in my first six years of business. That said, the benefits of a two person team are undeniable… and in some cases necessary! A few benefits:

- Both faces during processional and vows – you want to see your grooms reaction as you arrive!
- Time – there’s a lot of setting up and packing up for ceremony and speeches – Don’t miss out on full day coverage because of this – one guy can only be in one place at once!
- Speeches – reaction shots are often missed because the focus is on the top table! A second guy can film your Godmother at the back when she get’s a ‘shout out’, or your gran if she gets a bit teary!
- Many more benefits which may not be evident for every wedding, but you just never know – ‘oh… was that a drop of rain??’ – we can spare a guy to run and grab you an umbrella!


Much of the day is filmed as it naturally happens. On occasions I’ll maybe ask you to stand in a certain place, or do something in a certain way – if this isn’t your style, just let me know. The couples portraits session is generally run by the photographer on the day, but I will occasionally chime in and ask for a certain movement, a kiss, or a walking shot. My feedback from previous clients has stated that I’m fairly discreet and enjoyable to be around on the day! awww shucks!