How I work

I aim to create fast paced, emotional and beautiful films. A clip of guests sharing a giggle – brilliant! A clip of your uncle looking very serious – that might not make the cut. I’m not interested in standing at the sidelines capturing the mundane, I work my butt off all day – always striving to capture the best elements of your big day!  I look for the joy and excitement and (sometimes tears) – and it pulls together so much better in a short film rather than a 2hr DVD.

Much of the day is filmed as it naturally happens. On occasions I’ll maybe ask you to stand in a certain place, or do something in a certain way – if this isn’t your style, just let me know. The couples portraits session is generally run by the photographer on the day, but I will occasionally chime in and ask for a specific movement, a kiss, or a walking shot. My feedback from previous clients has stated that I’m fairly discreet and enjoyable to be around on the day! awww shucks!


I’m a big fan of incorporating words spoken on the day – I find it adds some extra depth and emotion.
Sometimes it’s from the speeches, or a reading, or personalised vows or even letters/notes given to each other on the morning.

Of course this this may not be for everyone and I’m equally as happy editing highlights simply with music. To see a selection of my videos with music only, click here. There will be an opportunity in the lead up to the wedding to discuss use of dialogue (or none) in the edit.