Let’s tailor the right package for you!

Thanks for enquiring! I try to keep my main website as simple as possible – so this is my follow up with more info. You maybe have some questions about the possible add-ons I have listed – hopefully this page will aide you in your decision making!

Highlights Film 3/4min

This is the style that makes up 90% of my portfolio to date – it’s very popular.

– It’s one song in length (licensed from a specific website)
– No Dialogue (words/speaking)
– The clips are chronological (in same order as the day itself unfolded – bridal prep at start – dancing at the end)
– The clips will generally work to the beat/rhythm of the music.
Dialogue Story Film

This is a little different – I take some of the nice words spoken at points in your day, and incorporate it into the edit. It can make the edit more emotional and heartfelt.

– Audio used can be vows, card reading, speeches, poems…
– The audio you hope to be incorporated can be discussed in advance, but depending on length and sound quality, it’s not guaranteed I will agree this is the best audio for your edit. The same as with all aspects of the edit, I am hired for my creativity, and so I will make what I feel are the right calls to provide you with the best possible film.
– This option along with a few other add-ons requires me to capture good audio – this means recorders and lavalier mics to be worn by those speaking.


Second Camera Operator

I have traditionally worked on my own – I’ll not lie, sometimes it is rather tough going! I am 100% committed to capturing everything I need, but sometimes the timings of the day can work against me. A common problem is couple photoshoot only finishing in time for the meal, and I’ll not have as much guest or reception room detail coverage. Some weddings have lots of time and everything goes smoothly but the only way to guarantee nothing get’s squeezed out is to hire a second camera guy.
The big thing about video compared to your photographer is the setting up and packing up before and after ceremony/speeches. The simple facts are – I’m not filming when I’m packing gear or preparing tripods or audio. I don’t like missing ANY of the action!
With a second camera operator there is no compromise on capturing your day in it’s entirety. A perfect example is bridal prep – I rarely get to film the bride in her dress at home – I have to go prepare at the ceremony venue. With a second camera operator, it allows for me to stay that bit longer along with your photographer.


15 Minute Feature Film (includes vows)

This is the perfect film length in my opinion! The short films are fantastic for a ‘refresher’ of your special day and great for sharing, but this extra length film gives you much more mileage. At some point down the road, you will want to see more of the faces that were present on your special day. The 15 Minute Film has a similar pacing to the short films, but with so many more clips packed in. It’s a chronological record of your day all with music, however the soundtrack takes a break midway through as it contains your spoken vows before continuing on with music and lots of clips!
Due to the extensive coverage required for this, I would generally prefer this to only be booked along with the Second Camera Operator, but in some cases where the ceremony and reception are in the same location, I can consider if it’s feasible to cover on my own.

Vows In Full

Pretty self-explanatory. I do truly love the modern short films approach, but I do also have a strong belief in the importance of the commitment you make! So if you agree, then this might be for you. Have the very moment you make your promises captured in full! Combined with the Second Camera Operator add-on, this edit will show clearly the faces of both the bride and the groom as they make their commitments.

Ceremony Edit

The ceremony is an important part of the day isn’t it? I mean that’s the ACTUAL marriage bit! Perhaps not crazy exciting, but the ceremony is the serious part and that matters to – many ceremonies will not just include your vows, but also some memorable participation from family and friends.
I deliver an edited version of the ceremony. It includes the processional, the welcome, any guest/family member participation, the vows and the recessional. I edit out the singing, the message/sermon, and any religious practices/sacraments.
As a solo shooter, I will make use of a few static cameras on tripods to cut to while I move around. In most ceremony scenarios, there is no singular position where I can film all aspects.

both faces

Moving around is required and a second camera gives me something to cut to in the edit. Please check with your officiant – sometimes I am forbidden from moving at all – this is a significant hindrance!

Of course a the Second Camera Operator helps greatly during ceremony. It allows for one of us to focus on the bride and groom while the other focuses on the officiant and readings/prayers. It’s also lovely to be able to see both the bride and the grooms faces clearly during the vows with two camera angles.

Speeches In Full

Again, not much to say – it’s the speeches. Generally there are 4 speeches. I’m happy to do up to 6, but opening the speeches to the floor can get a little out of hand, and I may need to charge an additional amount if you feel that may happen.
The main focus will be on the ‘top table’, primarily the speaker. The benefit here of having a second camera operator is the extra coverage of reaction shots – wiping away tears or laughter, or the clinking of glasses during toasts.

Groom Prep

It’s becoming more and more common that us men don’t like being left out in the morning when the bride gets all the attention! If you have chosen the second camera operator, you can also opt to have him start his day a little earlier and join ‘the lads’ as they help each other with cuff-links and ties, or head for a quick pint somewhere – I’ve even filmed a groom tending to his farm duties the morning of his wedding!